Danni Coyote

Danni Coyote is terminally eccentric. A true Aquarian, born under a full moon in Leo, she is an artist in every sense of the word. When she isn’t sketching or painting, she’s writing and performing music, crafting her signature dreamcatchers, teaching yoga, climbing trees, globetrotting, or snuggling her puppies. She is an extraordinary mess, and simply cannot fit inside of "the box." In fact, she has no idea where the hell "the box" even is. It certainly doesn't exist in her world. Further, she doesn't give two flying fruitcakes where this box resides. However, if she hypothetically were to discover this box, she would promptly and entirely strip it unrecognizable, re-upholster it, add some pom-poms and lace, a fresh coat of turquoise paint, perhaps a bit of ambient lighting, some decorative pillows, and a set of wheels. ¡Voilá! Behold! A Gypsy Caravan!
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