Mossy Oak Obsession

Proof that obsessive behavior can have positive side effects.

Following the highly successful introduction of our original Break-Up in 1996, some serious changes in the printing industry began to take place, changes that inspired us to redesign everyone's favorite. Our new pattern turned out to be the biggest thing to happen to camouflage since camouflage happened to hunting. Featuring an all-new, computer-enhanced realistic bark background, the new Break-Up design exemplified a sense of texture and depth never seen on a piece of fabric. With the addition of soft, grey oak limbs and deep ghost shadows for further 3-D illusion, the natural contrast found in the woods came to life in the details of this extraordinary pattern.

Visual Features

Obsession builds on the success of the elements used in Break-Up, like ghost shadows and realistic limbs, to create the most effective spring camo pattern ever.

  • A digitally enhanced, lighter background
  • More green elementism
  • Carefully selected spring-tones

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